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Providing Tools for Big DreamsAchieving ExcellenceBuilding Core Relationships

Providing Tools for Big Dreams

Teaching our youth to achieve their goals gives them the confidence needed to Dream Bigger.

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Achieving Excellence

Providing skills needed for youth to not only achieve greatness but the know how to incorporate excellence and greatness into their daily lives.

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Building Core Relationships

Learning team building skills that encourage long term healthy friendship and relationships with others.

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Latest Drum Corps Ready News

Drum Corps Ready

First off, We want to thank all of our supporters over the last year. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you and we look forward to the next year being just as exciting and rewarding.

Who is Drum Corps Ready?

What is Drum Corps Ready? I wish I could show you the world of drum corps with a quick paragraph. If I could It would alter your perception of youth music programs and make you a life long fan and supporter of the most spectacular youth music organization available. For millions of people, Drum Corps is a House Hold Name. For the rest of the world, it will soon be as well. If you haven’t experienced Marching Band or Drum Corps, please take a minute to watch this video before you close this page because we can’t do this without you.

We are a group of current and former drum corps members, instructors and most importantly DCI Champions. We also have current and former high school marching band instructors. Together we can offer the highest impact training by instructors that are experienced in all ages and skill level’s. Our team is dedicated to helping our youth programs develop and grow the skills and confidence needed to become Drum Corps Ready.

Drum Corps Ready

Over the past year we have been growing the idea that we could teach young musicians the skills needed to be the best in the world of Drum Corps, without putting any cost on the schools or organizations we assist. We have put together a team of former DCI Champions and Drum Corps Staff. Then we put together a team of current high school marching band instructors. Then we put those two teams together so that we can apply our clinics to youth of any age. We have been approved for 501c3 non profit status and have been issued EIN# (See Our Public Disclosure On ), We are now ready to take our program to schools and on fields.

We have started a Crowd Source Funding campaign to help us raise money that we need to make our dream a reality. We would like to invite you to contribute and help us achieve our dream of assising the youth grow up with the tools necessary to succeed. Whether its trying out for drum corps or conquring that hurdle life tends to throw at us.

We are asking for $5,000 from supporters so that we can do a one month tour of Southern California Schools. Each week we will be hosting a Drum Corps Ready Clinic at a different school. We have four different high schools signed up and ready to be the first on our tour.

Drum Corps Ready

The Plan: Reach as Many Youth in 2016 as possible on the Drum Corps Ready 1st West Coast Tour.

We have put together the most thought out drill book and itinerary imaginable. For the scheduled days we will be at each school, we will cover the most important fundamentals, advanced training, and physical requirements that are needed for young musicians to become Drum Corps Ready.

We want to document the clinics with videos and photos to add to our website, in order to show future supporters what our dream has become, as well as how it works with the community and youth. We have the equipment and the software needed to bring this to reality. We are ready to use it as soon as we can get on the road and to the field.

Drum Corps Ready

Now it’s up to you. If you would like to see this dream become reality by allowing us to teach youth across the country, please show us your support. You can support us through our Crowd Source Funding Campaign or through

The $5000 support will go for travel, food, and housing. (Including travel to California of our Drum Corps Ready staff for the entire month long tour).

We encourage you to please join our efforts to keep music in schools and to keep it free to our youth. Keeping music education free will allow us to take our program into schools and areas that wouldn’t be able to afford to bring a program like Drum Corps Ready to their program.By making our program available to all demographics, in all cities and to all income levels will change Drum Corps forever.

Drum Corps Ready

LGM Sports

LGM Sports is an Exotic Automobile Transport service located in Los Angeles California that has been very generous with supporting Youth Organizations.

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Utah Lash Lady

Utah Lash Lady offers a variety of lash services. They are located in Spanish Fork Utah and have been very active in their support of Drum Corps Ready.

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Fast Fails offers a variety of fun online for free and is a new sponsor for us and we are proud to work with them to achieve our goals.

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Drum Corps Net provides up to date information related to Drum Corps and has been very supportive to Youth Organizations.

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Dollar Tshirt offers a variety of Tshirts online for $1 and is a new sponsor for us and we are proud to work with them to achieve our goals.

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